• Council Steering Committee
  • Administration & Autonomy Committee
  • Planning & Economy Committee
  • Environment & Water Resources Committee
  • Culture, Sports & Tourism Committee
  • Health & Social Affairs Committee
  • Public Safety & Construction Committee
  • City Planning & Management Committee
  • Transportation Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Special Committees on Budget & Accounts
  • Special Committees on Ethics

Election of Council Members

Council members are the representatives of Seoul’s citizens, elected though secret ballots cast in a general election conducted in a fair and open manner. The Council consists of 106 members, 96 of whom were elected from local constituencies and 10 by proportional representation. The term of office for a Council member is 4 years.

Chairpersion and Vice-Charirpersons

The city council has one Chairperson and two Vice-Chairpersons, all of whom are elected by secret ballot during the plenary session. The term of office for both the Chairperson and the two Vice-Chairpersons is 2 years. The Chairperson represents the City Council and supervises administrative affairs, while the Vice-Chairpersons act for the Chairperson in those cases when the Chairperson is unable to perform his or her duties.